Third transnational webinar

The 3rd international YITEG webinar was held on December, 5th Tuesday. It was titled “At the crossroad! Reconnecting international community and preparing for the new YITEG year” and the idea was first to play a little and remember the days of the training in Reggio Calabria, so to reconnect our YITEG community.

Then, we had an interesting inspiration and short discussions about feminist economies. The participants were split in groups to talk together and think about this question: “Why is it urgent to implement Feminist Economies in our society?” And you, what do you think?
If you want to know more, read our article about the Feminist Economies!

Recap on the situation: the local mapping is ending in next weeks and the proposal of YITEG game is on the table, ready to receive feedback. The interesting thing is that many of the YITEG actors contributed to the webinar

We can say that 2023 was fruitful to create the local groups, the international community and set the basis: we wish in 2024 to be able to build up the narrative on Transformative Economies through the game and to spread it around.

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