Citizens in Action is a voluntary based organisation. We want to promote among citizens of all ages, in local and cross border communities, the transition from an individual approach to a collective one, through educational and volunteering actions.


Xarxa CooperaSec is a network of SSE entities, where we promote and support varius SSE projects in Barcelona, along the lines of Administrative support, sustainability, responsible consumption, care, culture, feminism and decent


STRANAIDEA is a cooperative company aiming at promoting social inclusion and wellbeing among citizens throughout health, social and educational services for individuals and communities.


Kaleido’Scop is a cooperative company aiming at promoting active participation in public action and policies on different subjects like social and solidarity economy, inclusive cities, social rights, intercultural learning


Nexes is a non-profit organization that promotes peace education and global justice, with the aim to foster sustainable social transformation. We work especially with and for young people.


Confcooperative Piemonte Nord is a Trade
Association of the cooperative movement. It
represents the associated companies and works for new cooperative entrepreneurship. There are 8 federations active and about 580 associated cooperatives in different fields as: Agriculture, Tourism, Building, Health, Banks, Consumer Goods, Culture, Sport, Services, Solidarity


Unis-cité is an association that proposes civil service contracts to young people in France. These young people come from every social and cultural background, and are working for 8 months together on social/environmental issues : like this they can discover involvment, and they experiment diversity concretely.

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