What is YITEG?

The YITEG project (Youth Impacting Transformative Economies through game Design) is in line with previous European projects, such as the ISSE / KISS / SSEds, that you can find in the website as well. Our work on Social Solidarity Economy began in 2014 to lead us here today to tackle the concept of Transformative Economies (TE).

Our partnership is made of 7 organisations from 4 countries (Spain, Italy, Greece and France) which have joined forces to raise visibility on TEs practices while engaging young people in order to create a community of multipliers on this subject, at local and European levels.

The partnership is committed to non-popular educational approaches and tools and is very attentive to engage young people through a participative process.

Discover the YITEG multimedia map !

The multimedia map is one of the outputs of the YITEG project which goal is to present various Transformative Economies initiatives in the European Union. More than being an exhaustive collection of initiatives, it was intended to serve as a means to implement active learning pedagogies towards the youth local groups that the partnership has activated. 

The objective of the YITEG project is to sensibilize people to the subject of Transformative Economies at a European level while empowering the participants and strengthening their abilities. As non formal educators and convinced of learning-by-doing methods, we used the mapping as a way for the local groups to go and look for local initiatives they could meet in person. In that way, they interviewed them about their understanding of Transformative Economies, and integrated them in the final map. 

The initiatives collected during this period also nourish the content of the game that the local groups are creating in parallel. 

And, if you’re interested in knowing more about the project and the subject, check out our blog: https://sseds4youth.org/category/transformative-economies-blog/

This project is meant for anyone interested in Transformative Economies, that is why we are making the contents opensource and downloadable. You can find all the outputs and the pedagogical content in this learning MOODLE platform.


During the two-year project (March 2023-December 2024), in order to achieve our objectives, it is planned:

The creation, accompaniment and training of 4 local youth groups and 1 support and advisory group on TEs

A transnational training on Game Design

A learning seminar on community engagement and social impact through TEs results

The creation of an educational game on TEs and a manual to learn how to boost the impact of the game

A multiplier event in each country to present the project’s outputs and the last multiplier event, in Athens, with an international dimension.

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