How do you know if you make an impact? Workshop of presentation of Imp’Act

Thanks to the European project SSEds (Strategies for developing youth entrepreneurship and social impact in the SSE) last Saturday 2nd October we have held a workshop in the frame of the Fira d’ESS del Poble-sec (at Plaza del Sortidor). With this workshop we have shared the results of this 2-years project. We have been working […]

Imp’ACT – From dreamers to changemakers

Il 5 novembre 2021, dalle ore 9.30 alle ore 13.00, si terrà l’evento finale del Partenariato Strategico Erasmus+ SSEDs (Strategies for youth SSE Enterpreneurship Development and Social impact) presso Open Incet, in piazza Teresa Noce 17. L’evento si terrà in inglese, senza traduzione per valorizzare la presenza dei partner stranieri. Il progetto ha coinvolto attivamente 7 […]

Presentation of the Imp’act Tool in the III Fira d’economia social, solidària i sostenible del Poble-sec

From the european project SSEds (Strategies to develop youth entrepreneurship and social impact in the SSE), we want to invite you to participate in a workshop that Nexes Interculturals organization will give at the Fira d’ESS del Poble-sec (Plaza del Surtidor) on Saturday October 2 from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. This workshop will be […]

Social Enterprise Open Camp – Planet & People 2021

The Social Enterprise Open Camp – Planet & People 2021 is back on the magic island of San Servolo in Venice, from 23 to 26 October 2021 to reflect on the role and potential of social enterprises in safeguarding the planet. The Social Enterprise Open Camp promoted by Opes Lcef and Consorzio Nazionale CGM is a unique educational event. It is designed to allow […]

III Fira d’economia social, solidària i sostenible del Poble-sec

Hello from Barcelona! We want to take care of the planet and take care of ourselves! That’s why we make a cooperative neighborhood! Because we believe in the social and solidarity economy as an alternative to capitalism. We are building new structures that put life at the center! What is beyond capitalism? We want to […]

Sopar d’Aprofitament – Community dinner

In the Poble–sec district of Barcelona, ​​we had a delicious dinner. The activity has been stimulated by the Motor Group made up of 10 fantastic women. It was an activity of Social and Solidarity economy that generates a lot of social benefit almost without the need for money. 35 volunteers recovered and prepared the food […]

SSE initiatives of the Unis-Cité’s SSEd’s local group

Adel is carrying out a project to allow access to sports practice for audiences who do not necessarily have the financial means to register in a sports club or a sports hall. There are issues of health, nutrition for a sport without getting injured. Katia works in schools and leisure centers with children. Its role […]

Why is poverty so difficult to eradicate?

Why is poverty so difficult to eradicate? Why are plans to counteract it almost always ineffective? Fragility, vulnerability, adult and educational poverty are the not obvious, but very probable, outcome of the concomitance of two factors: the weakness of the individual’s “internal capacities”, and the lack of resources, materials and immaterial, to which they have […]

Kaleido’Scop contributes to the Congress of cooperative companies

Kaléido’Scop is a cooperative company, named in France as” SCOP” (Société Coopérative et Participative = Participative and cooperative enterprise). A long history is behind this old movement of SSE but still the economic model of SCOP remains marginal. In the family of cooperative companies, we also have SCIC (Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif = Cooperative enterprises […]

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