5th Transnational Webinar: create impact with the YITEG game

On June 11, we held the 5th International Webinar of the YITEG project, which was attended by 20 people from the different countries involved in the project. Under the title “How to create impact with the YITEG game“, we were able to reflect together on the new phase in which we find ourselves and the […]

The Communitarian Economy

With the YITEG project (Youth Impacting Transformative Economies through Game design), we want to put the light on the branch of the Communitarian Economy, as an alternative to the capitalist paradigm. Overall, the Communitarian Economy refers to all activities that are developed without depending on the state or the market, i.e., through self-management. We refer […]

Social and Solidarity Economy

The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is an innovative economy anchored to the territory, which generates co-production of knowledge, goods and social services on the basis of cooperation (rather than competition) between different actors and sectors. The social and solidarity economy is a broad concept used to indicate organizations and businesses working in the field […]

4th Transnational Webinar : let’s talk about The Change!

The 4th Transnational Webinar, entitled “Let’s talk about The Change”, has taken place on March the 5th to reunite all local groups together and discuss about the game. It was also the occasion for new participants in the project to meet the other members belonging to this international community.  As usual, we began the session […]

What are Commons?

Within the Erasmus+ project YITEG (Youth Impacting Transformative Economies through Game-design), we consider the Commons and commoning as one of the main branches of Transformative Economies. Commons are shared resources of any kind. The goal of the commons and of commoning is to provide goods and ideas to everyone, without any discrimination.  The concept of […]

Game Design as an educational tool – international training in Reggio Calabria

The training course in a nutshell! The first week of November, the consortium of the YITEG project developed a transnational training course in Reggio-Calabria (Italy) opened to young people involved in the different local groups of the project. Through non-formal methodologies and a learning-by-doing approach, the participants were able to tackle the subject of Transformative […]

Feminist economies

Feminist economies Within the YITEG project (Youth Impacting Transformative Economies through Game-design), we claim this November 25th a Feminist Economy that puts life and care at the center of our society.  With the aim of building networks and alliances to further consolidate in our neighborhoods and villages an autonomous, critical and grassroots feminism as a […]

PROFIT GAME- a treasure hunt to discover the Transformative Economies

Within the YITEG project, we have developed a treasure hunt to discover, through a game-like experience, examples and definitions of some of the types of economies that are found under the umbrella of transformative economies. This activity allowed the participants of the local project groups to interact and establish a common starting point to initiate […]

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