PROFIT GAME- a treasure hunt to discover the Transformative Economies

Within the YITEG project, we have developed a treasure hunt to discover, through a game-like experience, examples and definitions of some of the types of economies that are found under the umbrella of transformative economies. This activity allowed the participants of the local project groups to interact and establish a common starting point to initiate the development of a Transformative Economies mapping project.

The treasure hunt called “PROFIT” was designed to be played collaboratively by groups of 2 to 12 people located in the same physical space. It has a duration of 45 minutes and proposes that participants defeat an evil group of capitalist hackers who have stolen all the materials from the YITEG project.

The participants must demonstrate their ingenuity, cunning, commitment, and ability to work as a team by solving 6 challenges one by one:


CHALLENGE 1: Transformative economies

CHALLENGE 2: Social Solidarity Economy:

CHALLENGE 3: Agroecology and food sovereignty:

CHALLENGE 4: Feminist Economies:

CHALLENGE 5: Commons:

CHALLENGE 6: Comunitarian Economy:

Every time the participants solve a challenge, they must send their solution by email, and they will receive an automatic response with a part of the recovered information. 

When the participants overcome all the challenges, the evil group of capitalist hackers will recognize their defeat and admit that transformative economies can collaborate to create a fairer, more sustainable, and more social world.

If you are interested in using this tool, you can download a print-to-play version HERE:


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