Tool Description

IMP’ACT! guides the user through building their own social impact assessment of an SSE project or initiative. It is based on the values and principles of SSE, but it is applicable to all kinds of social projects and initiatives, also outside the SSE field.

Its innovative approach is that it is simple, interactive and self manageable by users: it is specifically devised for young people, with accessible terminology and concepts that do not require previous expertise in project management or evaluation processes.

It is composed of four sections:

  1. What is social impact assessment
  2. Planning (impact forecast): defining the context of the assessment process, mapping the project stakeholders, choosing the monitoring methods, planning the data collection
  3. Measurement and analysis of the results
  4. What’s next? Creating a roadmap to use the results of the assessment process


To help and accompany young people and all those who are not experienced on the topic, in the assessment (plan and measure) of the social impact of an SSE initiative.

Recommended for


Average 4 hours

Background and where it has been employed

The tool has been developed during 2021 and has been tested by project managers, young people and SSE experts from the countries involved in SSEds project.

Material needed

Laptop and internet: IMP’ACT! is an interactive pdf with links to online templates and related support tools.

Links and downloads

The IMP’ACT! tool is available in the following languages:

Created by

Partnership of “SSEds” project, co-funded by Erasmus+

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