SSE profiles cardgame

Tool Description

This activity helps you to situate yourself in SSE profiles and/or to build the best team for an SSE initiative, starting from the description of the roles and the competencies needed. Here is how it works:

  • 10 cards for 10 SSE profiles (out of the ISSE project and Portfolio of competencies). Make sure you have several sets of 10 cards-profiles: from 5 to 10 (depending on the number of participants).
  • Mix them all and distribute 5 or 6 cards per participant. There can be a pack of remaining cards in the middle
  • Ask them to look at their game, at the different profiles. They might have 2 or 3 times the same card in hand.
  • Then, ask them to go around and look at the cards of the others. They should make up their mind on what are the 3 or 4 profiles that suit them the best (either because this is what they want to become or because they think this is what they are).
  • They have then to exchange with others, to bargain, in order to get the “best game” in their hands, being the closest to what they are or want to be in SSE. They can also leave the cards they don’t want in the middle and pick one card of the middle that hasn’t been used.
  • Organise them in small groups and let them talk about their profiles, why, what examples they have in mind, what competencies are connected, which way they should take to reach the “ideal profile”,…

Option: You could use the same method with the request “build your ideal team for an SSE initiative”.


  • To help young people finding their profile (wished or current) in an SSE initiative
  • To discuss about SSE job integration and related competencies

Recommended for


1 hour

Background and where it has been employed

This is an ddaptation of the portfolio of competencies built in the “ISSE - Community Works” Erasmus+ project. It has been used with students in bachelor “social intervention and SSE”, at the end of their student year, with the aim to think about their future after the academic year and their integration on labour market

Material needed

ISSE cards - profiles in printed form

Links and downloads

Materials for download:

Created by

Sylvain Abrial (Kaléido’Scop), based on ISSE partnership work


If the cards are not available in your language, refer to the complete version of the Portfolio (see downloads section, interactive pdf) that can be used by the learners in groups or individually, and that contains questions to guide the reflection

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