In this section you can find useful resources to educate and accompany young people in SSE, based on the principles of non-formal education and on the values and practices of SSE. These resources have been the starting point for the creation of SSEds specific products, the toolbox and the training modules, which are intended to act in complementarity with the resources presented here. Most of them were developed throughout two projects involving partners of SSEds consortium and co-funded by Erasmus+ programme: “ISSE – Initiatives for a SSE ( and “KISS – The Key is Social Sustainability” (

The research and production of SSE learning resources based on NFE and with a crossborder approach is a work in progress and this section is being enriched with new training materials that the partners are identifying and developing.

Studies, mappings and Reports

> ISSE research []: it highlights both the similarities and differences in the history, active participation and educational needs in the Social and
Solidarity Economy field in France, Greece, Spain/Catalonia and UK. Full research report available in English and Spanish. Executive summary in Italian, Greek and French.

> KISS Guide of sustainable SSE practices []: it presents the results of the study visits that took place along 2018 in Barcelona, Saint-Etienne, Athens and Turin. It aims at highlighting the strengths, challenges and opportunities related to the sustainability of 36 SSE initiatives, by presenting
those that the participants and the project partners considered as good practices. Available in English.

Socioeco mappings []: a document-based resource site designed
to give citizens, researchers, journalists and local councillors easier access to information and materials on
the SSE from all over the world. Socioeco is part of RIPESS Europe and RIPESS International. Available in
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian

Non Formal Education materials to promote SSE

> ISSE Training Manual []: a detailed
description of more than 30 non-formal learning activities to be implemented particularly with young people, in view of promoting SSE principles and practices, and to encourage the launch of new SSE ideas
and initiatives. The facilitator can choose among the activities those most suitable to the learning needs
and objectives of the group, and create a customized training session or cycle. Available in English.


> ISSE virtual game []: An analysis and decision making simulation game. Its focus is the 4 core values which characterise a Social and Solidarity Economy business or organisation; and the

development of the core competencies needed for successfull management and day-to-day operation.
Available in Spanish, English, French, Greek, Italian and Latvian.

Assessment and reflection tools

ISSE portfolio of competences []: a guide in the pathway into SSE. It is built upon the basis of 10 profiles resulted from ISSE Research. It contains transversal competencies common to SSE and specific competencies for each profile.

It is an opportunity to map out your own route into or continuing path within SSE. Available in English, French and Greek.

> KISS Sustainable Development Plan []: this tool supports SSE initiatives to
assess their own social sustainability and improve it with a careful planning. It is based on the 6 dimensions of sustainability in SSE, identified by the KISS consortium throughout the project activities. The dimensions are: Democracy, Cooperation, Quality of Work, Environment, Relations and Emotions, Coherence.

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