Following the project

SSEds is a 2 year project but we intend to keep a regular rhythm of work. 

After the kickoff in Barcelona, at the beginning of March, we started to work actively on:


Since April 2020 on, we have started with collecting the existing tools for accompanying young people in their SSE entrepreneurship path. Next steps will be to see what we have, what is missing, what has to be produced more in terms of new tools. Next months will then be dedicated to create step by step this Toolbox available for everybody.

SSEds community

As we aim to young people being actor of the project and creating a SSEds community, we take 2 steps and actions:

> Every 3 or 4 months, we will organise webinars for about 4 or 5 young people from each country, that are accompanied by the local partners. The idea is to build a network of young SSE entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs. We also want these webinars to be moments for identifying needs, testing, co-producing tools and collecting users-perceptions. The 1st webinar should be in October 2020 and a 2nd one in February 2021.

> In order to give opportunities for young people to meet and get trained together, we intend to apply to Erasmus Plus youth mobility for implementing a specific event/training-course that could gather a youth group from our 4 countries.

Training module

from Autumn 2020 on, we will also start with our 2nd production, which is the conception of a training module that can be experimented before July 2021 at local level in all the partners’ countries.

Life of our partnership

Beyond our monthly virtual meetings, all partners of SSEds will be gathering for an intermediate project meeting in December 2020 in Athens.

And furthermore...

Lots of local events, local experimentations, testing,…

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