Social impact guidelines

Tool Description

This document aims at providing a quick overview of social impact evaluation and indicators issues to public actors.

Guidelines text with exercises and quiz at the end of every chapter about 10 Frequently Asked Questions on Social impact evaluation and indicators for public actors:

  1. What does “social impact” mean? 
  2. What is the difference between “indicators” and “evaluation”?
  3. What do you really want to assess?
  4. Who can be interested in social impact evaluation? What for?
  5. What does really matter? What are the different dimensions of the impact that should be taken into account?
  6. How to define and choose relevant indicators for social innovation projects? 
  7. What is the general approach to conduct a social impact evaluation? 
  8. What are the different methodologies to evaluate social impact? 9. What are the main attention points before launching a social impact evaluation? 
  9. What are the internationally recognized tools to identify social impact indicators?


This pragmatic approach, organized around 10 FAQ generic questions, is designed to help the reader understand the basics of the topic.

Recommended for


3-5 hours

Material needed

wifi, laptop, projector

Links and downloads

You can download the manual at this link: 

Created by

The 10 partners of the Interregional Asis project 2019-21 from Italy, France, Slovenia, Austria

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