My own definition of ESS by volunteers of “Rêve et Réalise” (Unis-Cité)

The volunteers of “Rêve et Réalise” by Unis-Cité have created their own definition of ESS. To do this, the group used the so-called “Snowball” method. For this, each and every one of them, could put 5 keywords on 5 different papers to complete the sentence “for us, the ESS, it is: …”.

Each volunteer would go with another. Each pair therefore had ten key words. They had to see the ideas together, sort them out so as to keep only 5 ideas. Then each pair got together with another to start the process over and only end up with 5 ideas. And so on until you meet in a larger group.

By putting all the ideas in common, we therefore arrive at the following definition:

For us, the Dream and Realize 2020 – 2021 promo of Unis-Cité Loire/Haut-Loire:

The ESS is an altruistic economy whose objective is that it be turned towards the environment and / or the human. 
It makes it possible to fill the gaps in the traditional economy in the face of identified and restrictive issues (social and environmental), all while still producing benefits. 
Here, money is a means and not a goal, thus putting a different value on it. There may be a local dimension with, for example, short circuits. 
However, sometimes it is for companies, just a way to give themselves a good image for their business.

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