SSE competencies

Tool Description

This is a tool for self-assessing and understanding what competencies are important in SSE and how to work on them when acting in different profiles of SSE.

It is structured in a booklet, based on 10 SSE profiles. For each profile, there is a description, examples of related jobs/occupation and a scope of associated competencies. For each profile and competence, there is the possibility to self-assess in a visual way how much you think you are competent. There are boxes to take your own notes, to make out your own profile out of the 10. There are also some definitions of transversal SSE competencies and of SSE.



The tool was developed to:

  • Give an overview on main SSE profiles that you can find in our northern european countries
  • Understand what these profiles do or stand for in SSE professional or voluntary contexts
  • Understand what competencies are associated to SSE in general and to each profiles in particular
  • Self-assess and improve competencies towards SSE


Recommended for


It depends if used as a workshop or just delivered to people for self-assessing. One hour is required to read through the portfolio

Background and where it has been employed

The tool can be auto-run (individually for yourself) but preferably used as a tool for open-dialogue in duets, groups, workshops, teams etc. It is also a good tool for trainers and teachers if you want to raise training needs among your participants. It was conceived in the framework of the Erasmus+ project "ISSE - Community Works" and has been used in international groups of classes of students, team of SSE workers.

Material needed

The booklet in interactive pdf or printed, to be used like a diary

Links and downloads

The portfolio is available for download in various languages:

Created by

ISSE partnership: Nexes (SP), Xes (SP), Kaleiod’Scop (FR), University Jean Monnet (FR), MIFE Loire Sud (FR) Vedogiovane (IT), Consilium (UK), Mirror Development (UK), Citizens in Action (GR)

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