Social impact in SSE

Tool Description

This is a collective workshop for people involved in SSE, for understanding the importance of social impact and of evaluation in their projects. It is structured in 3 main parts:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Social impact
  3. Indicators


Why to evaluate? Why in the framework of a solidarity project? => “drop your words” + definition (slides or printed) on the 3 main reasons: Valorising / taking distance / reporting

Show and explain the scheme of links between project – objectives – actions – impact (see Powerpoint Part 1 under “Links and download”)

Explain the document on self-assessment of action (see Powerpoint)



Video on what does impact mean (till the minute 2:45) (in french)

Explain definition of impact (see Powerpoint)

Explain different types of impact (see Powerpoint)

Explain the 3 levels of impact : short – middle – long term (Social impact) : (see Powerpoint)

Give examples of difference between results and social impact



What is an indicator? -> “drop your words”

Give definition of indicators (see Powerpoint)

The 3 types of indicators: realisation – of results – of reputation (see Powerpoint)

Explain why having indicators (see Powerpoint)

Show examples of indicators (see Powerpoint)


Final activity: find indicators for your project, using the world café method (use Canvas pdf support materials). Timing : 1 hour

A final activity helps to experiment the methods on your own project, with a world café reflection.


  1. Understanding the notion of evaluation (PART 1)
  2. Understanding the notion of social impact (PART 2)
  3. Understanding the definition of impact indicators (PART 3)

& find impact indicators for one’s project

Recommended for


3 hours

Background and where it has been employed

Unis Cités accompaniment of young people in civic service, involved in “dream and realise” initiatives

Material needed

Computer and overhead projector Documents printed Paperboard, post-it, markers

Links and downloads

Description of the activity in French

Powerpoint in English

Powerpoint in French

Canvas on personal project – world cafe (French)

Created by

Unis-cité organisation

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