Build your network

Tool Description

This workshop gives information about different tools useful to build and expand one’s professional network. It also aims at building one’s own networking strategy.

The workshop is composed of 6 steps. For the complete description, see the document “Trame d’animation” in the section Links and Download.

  • Step 1 The network
    -> The network, what is it ?

-> The network, why ?


  • Step 2 : Diagnostic : Everybody has a network !
    -> Who is part of my network ?


  • Step 3 : Create your network
    ->Developing your physical network

-> Developing your online network

Break : 10 min

  • Step 4 : Maintain and enrich your network : tips and tricks
    -> Maintain and enrich your physical network
    -> Maintain and enrich your online network
    -> How to animate your network by email
    -> How to animate your network by LinkedIn
    -> How to animate your network by a FB page
  • Step 5: Your turn !
    -> Build your strategy
    -> Fill in the excel table
    -> Create a LinkedIn profile or a FB page
  • Step 6 : Feedbacks
    -> Evaluation of the workshop


At the end of the module, participants:

  • will have assessed the potential of their current network
  • will have built their network approaches
  • will be able to maintain their professional network

Recommended for


3 hours

Background and where it has been employed

Unis Cités accompaniment of young people in civic services, involved in “dream and realise” initiatives

Material needed

Computer and overhead projector Documents printed Paperboard, post-it, markers

Links and downloads

Trame d’animation (French)

Slides support

Excel template for own network

Created by

Unis-cité organisation

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