Apples game

Tool Description

This role play explores the issue of responsible consumption through the setting of a large market where seller and buyer of apples will have to meet and exchange. Everyone’s buying motivations and selling points will then allow us to explore the social, environmental and economic impacts of our eating habits and to identify the obstacles and levers of “consum-action”.

The principle of the game is that the participants will play a character: either a seller of apples, or a buyer of apples. The vendors each have a small sales stand and their goal is to sell as many apples as possible. With the budget that will be allocated to them, buyers must buy 2 kg of apples. Not all will receive the same budget: between 3.50 and 8 €. After visiting each stand, everyone will have to choose where to buy their apples.

 Do you prefer a conventional local apple or an organic one that comes from afar? Which distribution channel? 

The choice of a local product makes it possible to go further in certain debates related to organic.

Consider the different stages of a sector, from production to marketing : 

  • Think about our selection criteria when making a purchase 
  • Understand that our choices have a social and environmental impact 
  • Raise awareness about responsible consumption


  • Identify the stages of a chain, from production to marketing.
  •  Ask yourself about the selection criteria that motivate the purchase of a consumer product. 
  • Think about the social, environmental and economic impacts of our food choices. 
  • Discuss and raise awareness about responsible consumption or “consumption action”. 
  • Identifying the levers of collective action.

Recommended for


2 hours

Links and downloads

You can download the animation booklet in French:
and in English:

Created by

Association Lafi Bala for Ritimo network

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