Report on the 3rd Webinar

On 16th February the SSEds international community met online for their 3rd webinar. The main aim of the meeting was to keep building this community of young people interested in Social Solidarity Economy, SSE practitioners and educators.

After a short energizer, the participants splitted into country groups in order to reflect about what they are doing in Athens, Saint-Etienne, Turin and Barcelona to feel well during the pandemic. They also share what are their motivations, and what they have been doing inside their local groups to keep thinking and discovering what the SSE is.

The second part of the webinar was a challenge to all the participants. For the first time, the participants were splitted in mixed rooms in order to reflect and share ideas on questions such as what is SSE and why is it important for me? What SSE can change in the world? How can we start this change with a concrete action/initiative? They had to get out of their comfort zone and talk directly inside an international team, dealing with personal apprehensions as the language difficulty for example.

The webinar continued with the testimonial of Mamadou, from Senegal and currently living in Barcelona.

He talked about his life and the challenges that he had to overcome in order to stabilize in Barcelona. He also talked about his path into SSE with the development of Diandé Africa. Diandé África is an association that aims to provide education, and develop and transfer knowledge and experiences in Senegal. (@DiandeAfrica).

Another project that he developed is “La Barcelona de Mamadou”, a creative way to discover the city on a bike and with his assistance.

To achieve these goals Mamadou received the support of various actors, including SSEds partner Nexes Interculturals.

The webinar concluded with a brainstorm about what are the next steps for the future webinar sessions. Sharing more testimonials was one of them and have moments in small groups exchanges was other one.

You can download the entire report here

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