Social business canva

Tool Description

The canva is made up of eight  boxes with titles and empty space to be filled.

Titles : 

  • The expected impact
  • The solution that you propose
  • The target
  • Your communication
  • The relationship with your target
  • Your means of funding
  • Your costs
  • Your partnerships

It can be used to reach different aims : 

  1. As a sum up of the project
  2. As a communication tool in a partnership meeting
  3. As a presentation 

There are many ways to implement this tool. A Collective way is possible with a mutual interview group:

  1. someone makes the interview of the project manager, and the interviewer fills the canva. 
  2. Then the project manager reads what has be done by its interviewer and discusses each points to enrich the canva.

Otherwise it’s also possible to fill it alone.


  • Sum-up the guidelines of a project
  • Clarify the project

Recommended for


30min initially, to be updated regularly

Background and where it has been employed

It’s filled by the young people of Unis-cité after their first crash tests. At this moment we can identify what are the blind spots of the canva and also of the project. It’s updated regularly, depending on how the project is changing.

Material needed

A sheet of paper and a pencil

Links and downloads

A lot of other canvas exist on the internet. It’s really adaptable to the reality of the people that you’re accompanying.

Some examples:

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