From my story to our story

Tool Description

This can be a workshop for 4 to 15 people and it is divided in 3 steps.

Prior to the workshop, prepare a board with 2 timelines (my story / our story). Set the specific time period to discuss, on which the individual and collective stories need to emerge for the SIA process.

1st step: Individual introspection

Ask participants to think about the main events  of their project from the genesis to today, for them as individuals (my story).

Then ask participants to think about the main events of the project from the genesis to today, for the group and the project (our story). 

2nd step: Sharing the story with the group

Ask participant to put the events (collective and individual) on the timeline

3rd step: Analysis

The group discusses and according to the timeline, we can measure the gaps. With support of the timeline, round of expression on the impact of the project  on the individuals “How the experience of the project changed me and made me involved? What have I learned ?”, and on the group/collective dimension “how this project made us involved? What have we learned? How are we different after this experience?


  • Raise awareness and make make visible the difference between individual and collective feelings of the project
  • The subjectivity of each individual into the project, once it has been shared, brings to a certain objectivity, based on cross-sharing. “From my reality to the real life”
  • It gives a panoramic vision of the evolutions of the individuals and of the group within the project.

Recommended for


1,5 to 2 hours

Material needed

Flipchart papers, markers, one sheet of paper for each participant, pens.

Created by

Unis Cités, inspired by tools of French movements of popular education

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