“ISSE” training manual

Tool Description

This manual has been produced in a former Erasmus+ project on SSE (ISSE – Community Works) within a partnership Greece, Spain, Italy, Uk and France. This is a compilation of activities and resources developed for training and educating different target-groups to the main dimensions of SSE

The tool was developed to:

  • support training processes in SSE
  • provide trainers, teachers and facilitators with training tools, training activities and training approaches supporting training sessions about SSE for various target-groups


A training  kit in pdf that is organized in sub-topics, relevant for SSE: 

  1. Mutual knowledge and group building
  2. Introduction to the topic of cooperation
  3. Cooperation in everyday life
  4. What is SSE
  5. What do we need for SSE
  6. Emotional intelligence
  7. Leadership
  8. Working in a group
  9. New ideas for SSE
  10. SSE projects
  11. Evaluation methods


Links and downloads

Download the complete manual here.

Created by

Partnership of Erasmus+ project “ISSE Community Works!”: Nexes (SP), Xes (SP), Kaleiod’Scop (FR), University Jean Monnet (FR), MIFE Loire Sud (FR) Vedogiovane (IT), Consilium (UK), Mirror Development (UK), Citizens in Action (GR)

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