Ideation workshop

Tool Description

This is a collective workshop for people that want to create an SSE project. It is helpful for:

  • People that don’t have any idea before the workshop, will get ideas of SSE’s projects at the end of the workshop.
  • People that already have ideas will have more ideas.

Development of the workshop

  1. Introduction about big issues, everybody can do something. Even a small action counts. Use the legend of the hummingbird as a parallel (15 min):
  2. Work individually on a tool called “blazon” (20 min), sharing of the blazon with the group (10/20 min). The blazon is a four boxes board. Box 1: what do I like to do // box 2 : what are my competencies (broad sense) // box 3 : What are the social and environmental issues that preoccupy me // Box 4 : whom do I want to help
  3. Collective intelligence on each participant’s blazon (1H/1H30)

The group spends 15 minutes minimum on each blazon: 

    • Ask the owner of the blazon if s/he identifies a way to solve the problem with her/his competencies.
    • If not, the others can suggest ideas.
    • Then collective thinking on the actions that could be intended, the structures that could be helpful, challenging the issue etc.

4. Summary of everyone’s learnings (15/30min). Conclusion and asking to everybody what they have learnt. Remember that the idea of this tool is for the participants to produce a solution against a social problem. 


  1. Question people about the social problems they perceive in society.
  2. Empower them by showing that they can do something against big issues
  3. Create collective emulation in a group
  4. Explore different themes, having new ideas.

Recommended for


3 hours

Background and where it has been employed

Unis-cité uses it dozens of times every year with new groups of young people

Material needed

Paperboard, post-it, markers Also possible through online meetings.

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