FESC game

Tool Description

This gamified map brings together different events in Spain, France, Greece and Italy that deal with SSE initiatives. This gives an overview of the event/festival where entities and projects, workshops and conferences about SSE takes place.

The gamified map collects 6 different SSE festivals around Europe, in 4 different countries (France, Italy, Greece and Spain).


The game consists in finding, according to the name of the festival and its logo, the place where the event takes place. If the player click on the right location, then a description of the event appears and a link is attached. If the player doesn’t click on the right location, he/she will have another attempt to find it right until he does.

The player can move to the next event with the arrow in the bottom right, and can go back to the slide from before thanks to the button bottom left.

The description of the event harvest the following information :

– Title

– Location

– Time of the year
– Small description of the objective and content of the event

– Link to the web page.


  • to advertise SSE initiatives, products and services that contributes at people’s everyday needs;
  • to disseminate and give visibility to the solidarity economy values and alternatives;
  • to increase the consciousness of ‘economic sector’ among the solidarity economy promoters;
  • to foster the inter-cooperation among the actors of solidarity economy;
  • to be a space for reflection and generation of critical discourse.
  • To give inspiration on the kind of event that can be organized at different level

Recommended for


15 minutes

Material needed

Internet connection, laptop, a projector if needed

Links and downloads

Access to the gamified map: https://view.genial.ly/60473f445aa8580d845be253/interactive-content-sse-festivals-in-europe

Created by

Sarah Moinet, Nexes Interculturals, Barcelona

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