SSE initiatives of the Unis-Cité’s SSEd’s local group

Adel is carrying out a project to allow access to sports practice for audiences who do not necessarily have the financial means to register in a sports club or a sports hall. There are issues of health, nutrition for a sport without getting injured.
Katia works in schools and leisure centers with children. Its role is to lead workshops on the communication of emotions. Its objective is to help this public to learn to manage their emotions and to communicate them in order to establish peaceful forms of communication between the citizens of tomorrow.
Rose et Sydney is developing an association around sewing. Thus, they create a shared workshop by providing all the material for sewing. They offer both courses and free workshops and thus fight against textile waste by inviting them to give a second life to their old clothes. In addition, they offer to work on the self-esteem of the beneficiaries via the organization of photo shoots with the clothes made during the workshops. For more information:

Unis Cité Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Facebook @uniscite.auvergnerhonealpes



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