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The World Social Forum on Transformative Economies continues to move forward, with challenges that are more urgent than ever in a world in full reconfiguration. Based on the results of the preparatory meetings and the challenges emerged during the last year, the convergence spaces of the Forum and the self-managed online activities are meant to contribute to the co-creation of a Transformative Economies Pact and Agenda, around 4 dimensions of systemic transformation: power, culture & knowledge, economies & finance; relations with nature & ecosystems.

The WSFTE process will take place in two stages in 2020: a Virtual Forum at the end of June and a Forum in October in connection with the Solidarity Economy Fair of Catalonia in Barcelona. In the framework of the Virtual Forum scheduled from 25 June to 1 July, the registration of participants, organisations, activities and initiatives has been re-opened! You have until 20 June to register and propose your activities! Go to: JOIN.TRANSFORMADORA.ORG

The structure of the programme planned for June is as follows:

  • > Self-managed activity area: this is where you can register your activities.
  • > Dynamic Space FSMET Process (Thematic and Territorial Convergences), Assembly of Movements, Inter-initiative Space
  • > Presentation of the call for initiatives “We accept the challenge”, in view of the October 2020 meeting
  • > Presentation of the proposal to develop a common agenda – Pact for the Transformation of Economies

To sum up, if you wish to participate in the WSFTE from 25 June to 1 July, go to JOIN.TRANSFORMADORA.ORG and for further information, go to the online platform FORUM.TRANSFORMADORA.ORG. If you are interested in knowing the process of the WSFTE, all the information is in transformadora.org.

We look forward to welcoming you on June 25th for the inaugural session!

Many thanks to all our partners, promoters, funders and organizers without whom the Forum could not take place: Adjuntament de Barcelona, Agència Catalana de Cooperacio al Desencolupament, Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le Progrès de l’Homme, Rosa Luxembrg Stiftung, Collectiu Ronda, Guerrilla Foundation, RIPESS, REAS, XES; AFSA, Campaña Currículo Global ESS, CITIES, COLACOT, Commons Network, DAWN, ECOLISE, FEBEA, FMDV, GPR2C, Habitat International Coalition HIC, IPC, Red Mujeres del Mundo, Remix the Commons, REAS, REMTE, RIPESS, RISE, Systemic Alternatives,Transform Europe, URGENCI, Vientos del Sur, WFTO-FTAO, WOMIN, XES; Decidim, Dunia.cc, Geneos coop, Commonscloud / Femprocomuns, Collectic, Communecter / Open Atlas .

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