How do you know if you make an impact? Workshop of presentation of Imp’Act

Thanks to the European project SSEds (Strategies for developing youth entrepreneurship and social impact in the SSE) last Saturday 2nd October we have held a workshop in the frame of the Fira d’ESS del Poble-sec (at Plaza del Sortidor).

With this workshop we have shared the results of this 2-years project. We have been working with several European partners on tools to promote youth entrepreneurship in the SSE and to promote the evaluation of the social impact in this field.

During the Fira, we have shown our tool IMP’ACT through a gymkhana.

It was a moment to reflect on the importance of this practice through multiple questions: How do you know if your project or activity has a social impact? Why is it important to measure it? Give it visibility?

At SSEds, we think and hope that the tools we have created can benefit other entities, young people in the process of entrepreneurship, project teams and institutions.


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