4th Transnational Webinar : let’s talk about The Change!

The 4th Transnational Webinar, entitled “Let’s talk about The Change”, has taken place on March the 5th to reunite all local groups together and discuss about the game. It was also the occasion for new participants in the project to meet the other members belonging to this international community. 

As usual, we began the session with a time for inclusion using the forecast metaphor to share our state of mind at the moment. Some sun, some wind, some rain but everybody was happy to see each other! Before tackling the main subject of the game, we presented to the participants the first version of the mapping of the local initiatives which is still a work in progress. 

More than the results, it’s the process in the project that is highly valued by the partnership in order to ensure that the participants appreciate it. At every step, the process is reevaluated with the objective of matching as closely as possible with the participants’ needs and wishes and to support their engagement in Transformative Economies. That’s why we asked them to share with each other what they like the most about the process and the game so far. 

=> Some key words: smooth / practical / fun / collaborative / individual / construct ideas with others. 

The local groups had the occasion to test a first version of the game, following their creative training course in Italy last November. Thanks to their feedback, Dani from Idealudica highlighted critical points on which we worked on in order to draw tendencies and organize the next steps to create the game contents. 

Each local group has now a task to complete in order for Idealudica to have enough content to propose a mock-up version on April, for the intermediate meeting in Saint Etienne hopefully!!

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