Sustainability in SSE

Tool Description

The SDP helps to assess the current situation and plan concrete actions to ensure sustainability in the different dimensions of SSE initiatives/organisations.

The assessment and planning takes place on 6 main dimensions, that are considered important for the sustainability of each SSE initiative:

  • Democracy
  • Cooperation
  • Quality of work
  • Environment
  • Relations and emotions
  • Coherence

Each dimension is broken down into topics. Reflection on each topic is guided by specific questions.

For each dimension and topic the team can focus on TODAY (what we do for it, what is missing, how we self-evaluate) and on TOMORROW (what we plan to achieve, when, tools and techniques).


It aims at both assessing the social sustainability of your SSE organization and at improving it through a careful planning.

Recommended for


Preferably days, done in group and getting back to the tool after reasoning and further research.

Background and where it has been employed

It was created by KISS - The Key is Social Sustainability, an Erasmus+ strategic partnership project, with input from the participants of the training course on sustainability in SSE and of 4 study visits.

Material needed

The plan printed, or the interactive pdf e-version.

Links and downloads


Created by

KISS (the Key is Social Sustainability) partnership, involving Kaleidoscop (FR), Nexes (SP), Stranaidea (IT), Citizens in Action (GR), the European Village (GR)

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