Start to Coop

Tool Description

The workshop was created by CoopLab and it foresees 5 steps.

Step 1 Workshop description “Looking for cooperative project”(200 minutes):

  • Debate about cooperation principles
  • Find ideas of possible projects
  • Identification of the ideas to be transformed into cooperatives enterprises projects
  • Group reflection

Step 2 – Define a strategy (170 minutes):

  • Set clearly your initial hypothesis
  • How do workers and social coops respond to people’s needs? 
  • Design your coop-working proposal
  • Focus on the economic and financial plan
  • What did we learn? Group reflection, Coop-game

Step 3: Design your organisation (260 minutes)

  • Define the coop working project name and logo
  • Cooperative structure, focus on: Coop governing bodies, Double condition: workers and owners participation
  • Cooperative structure, focus on: The coop organigram, Negotiation and vote
  • Statute creation
  • What did we learn? Group reflection and Coop-game

Step 4 workshop description: Working as a cooperative (140 minutes)

  • Teamwork
  • Monitor your functioning as a cooperative: Operational functioning and Financial functioning
  • What did we learn

Step 5 workshop description: what did we learn? (160 minutes)

  • Looking back to your journey + Review of the coop-working project: Individual and team evaluation
  • Retrospective: “how” did our team perform?
  • Organisation of the cooperative movement in Europe
  • Projects in the lab: Resume and share your coop-working project
  • What did we learn? Group reflection and Coop-game

Tips for trainers for group reflection about learning outcomes


To learn how to create your “coopworking enterprise” they propose a method in 5 steps: the idea, the strategy, the organization, the implementation and the experiment’s evaluation (what did we learn?)

Recommended for


2-4 hours for each step

Background and where it has been employed

Output of an Erasmus+ project of IRECOOP Confcooperative Emilia Romagna

Material needed

Toolkit downloadable from (Section Start to Coop, the 6 steps) for teachers and trainers. Paper, flipchart, markers, pens, post it, annexes materials printed, laptop and projector for videos and materials of support view, internet connection.

Links and downloads

Created by

The #CoopLab is co-powered and animated by five partners in Europe and three countries: France, Italy and Spain: Irecoop Emilia Romagna, Alternatives Economique, Escuela de Economia Social, CECOP-CICOPA, LesCoop


Useful connected links: AICCON (Italian Association for the promotion of the Culture of the Cooperation and Nonprofit): Coop Starter: It is a starting point for young entrepreneurs setting up cooperative start-ups, providing information on the cooperative model, a step-by-step guide to setting up a cooperative and a list of local support points across Europe. Examples and information about worker and social coops are included.

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