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Tool Description

This resource presents a roadmap illustrating general steps that allow a group of people to brainstorm some first ideas for an economic activity. It is a preparatory work useful to create then a more detailed business canvas, or to get in contact with SSE incubators and support hubs after having already formed a idea of the desired economic activity.

It is based on the SSE principles of collaboration, synergy and not competition, and answering community needs. 

It provides a general framework of steps: each of them can then be analysed and implemented in depth through specific activities, games, simulations, interviews, assessment tools etc. Some of the tools suggested within this roadmap are from

Links and downloads

Download the detailed roadmap Choosing an economic activity

Created by

Mr. Vasilis Bellis, general director of the development agency of Karditsa municipality, for the online course (unit 3.3) of the Greek online learning platform for SSE . The DIY activities mentioned in the roadmap are from by Nesta.


All activities in the original language (Greek) and their translation here into English, are provided under the license Creative Commons 4.0 – Attribution, Noncommercial, Sharealike, International (

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