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Pam a Pam is a virtual growing platform that gathers SSE initiatives described according to their type of activity. They are labeled according to the following criteria:

  • Proximity
  • Fair trade
  • Transparency
  • Social integration
  • Intercooperation
  • Participation
  • Ethical finances
  • Ecological criteria
  • Waste management
  • Energy efficiency management
  • Salary differences
  • Personal development
  • Gender equity
  • Internal democracy
  • Free software

On the one hand, it supports a more conscious consumption from the consumers perspective because it eases the process of looking for socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.

On the other hand, it is a self-assessment tool for the SSE initiatives on the map because it categorizes them into the previously described criteria, giving them a certain score for each. This way, the initiative can evaluate what are their weak points to improve and also strong points to advertise.

It’s an ongoing and ever-growing tool because it keeps gathering the new initiatives. The procedure to be in the make has been developed throughout the years and it consists of the following steps: the initiative or a person that knows about it express the will to be in the map, then an external assessor (trained by the Pam a Pam project managers) interviews the initiative and gives them a certain score to each criteria. After writing the report, the initiative is uploaded in the map.


Promote a responsible consumption by gathering the SSE initiatives in the community. Foster the self assessment of SSE initiatives.

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