Tool Description

This activity aims at introducing participants to the theme of social and solidarity economy.

Write down the letters of the alphabet on several flipcharts (5-6 letters per paper). Distribute the flipcharts around the room. Ask participants to walk around and write down on the flipcharts the words that come to their minds when thinking of social and solidarity economy. Divide the group into 4-6 teams (depending on how many flipcharts are on the walls). Ask each group to sit down together and provide them with a flipchart containing some letters with words written during brainstorming. Each of the groups come up with definitions of the vocabulary items given. Use of the internet is encouraged, unless you want the group to think on their own. Once ready, groups share the words and their definitions.

Final debriefing in plenary.


Recommended for


1,5 hours

Background and where it has been employed

Developed within “ISSE - Community Works” Erasmus+ project. It has been used during an international study visit in Athens, with people already knowledgeable about SSE. Still, it was useful and interesting to explore the diversity and richness of contents and words related to SSE in the various countries and cultures.

Material needed

Flipcharts or big papers. Markers.

Links and downloads

Download the full ISSE Training Manual: the description of the activity is at p. 27.

Created by

Partnership of “ISSE:Community Works” project funded by Erasmus+ (activity proposed by Consilium from UK)

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