Legal clothing made by people in an illegal situation: Top Manta

The group of local young people from the SSEds4youth project in Barcelona visited the Top Manta space in March. During the visit, they interviewed Lamine Bathily, spokesman for the Mantero Union. The origins of the Mantero Union date back to the summer of 2015, the Manteros fed up with the police persecution decided to organize themselves to face the situation. They joined […]

Festival of Sustainable Development

Thanks to the reputation acquired, and to the growing mobilization of Italian society on the themes of sustainable development, the Sustainable Development Festival represents a further step to encourage Italy to achieve the 2030 Agenda. The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS), that brings together almost 300 organizations from the economic and social spheres, organizes […]

Learning about personal change and collective dimension from “The Beehive Community”

At the end of March, the Greek group of SSEds project had the chance to meet “The Beehive Community” (, a newly formed cooperative active in Athens. Our intention was to learn about why they chose to start this path together, how they took the first steps and what helped them in this process. The […]

The quality of democratic life can be measured in the way we treat minorities

The group of local young people from the SSEds4youth project in Barcelona visited the Mescladís space on February 16. During the visit, they interviewed Martín Habiague, founder and director of the social project that celebrated 15 years of work for social justice and the right to migrate. Many years ago Martín migrated from Argentina to […]

Report on the 3rd Webinar

On 16th February the SSEds international community met online for their 3rd webinar. The main aim of the meeting was to keep building this community of young people interested in Social Solidarity Economy, SSE practitioners and educators. After a short energizer, the participants splitted into country groups in order to reflect about what they are […]

Mamadou explains his own experience developing an SSE initiative: Diandé Africa

Hello from Barcelona! We present you Mamadou from Senegal and currently living here. In this animated video, he presents himself and explains his own experience creating Diandé Africa, an SSE initiative. Diandé África is an association that aims to provide education, and develop and transfer knowledge and experiences in Senegal. “Diandé” means “education” in fula, […]

My own definition of ESS by volunteers of “Rêve et Réalise” (Unis-Cité)

The volunteers of “Rêve et Réalise” by Unis-Cité have created their own definition of ESS. To do this, the group used the so-called “Snowball” method. For this, each and every one of them, could put 5 keywords on 5 different papers to complete the sentence “for us, the ESS, it is: …”. Each volunteer would […]

A Barcelona decidim i fem Economia Social i Solidaria (ESS)

Hello from Barcelona! This video of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, explain that the first cooperative in Barcelona was born more than 150 years ago. Since then, thousands of initiatives have continued to change the economic and consumption model in the city. Putting life at the center and generating alternatives for it l’economia estigui al servei […]

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