The training module aims to:
bring young people closer to the essential values, dimensions and practices of the SSE;
develop the basic competencies required for initial planning of local SSE initiatives;
provide concrete approaches to making a social impact in the process of creating an SSE project, and to maximize the potential for social transformation.

The product consists of the development of a training module based on the principles of non-formal education, aimed at young people who are new (or almost) in SSE and they are interested in actively participating in it.

The training module will be based on the following previous work:
• The IO1 Toolbox products;
Tools previously developed and tested in Erasmus + KA2 projects implemented by the consortium (Portfolio of competencies in the SSE, manual of training activities in the SSE, Booklet of good practices of sustainability in the SSE, Plan of Sustainable Development).


Elements of innovation

• The creation of a training module based on the experience of working with young people who are active and not active in the SSE, as well as powered by the training needs expressed by the participants of the local groups and by the inheritance of previous products.

The training module is focused on the participants and maximizes its effectiveness in terms of the methodology and the concepts to be transmitted.

The module will take into account its replicability and adaptability in different contexts and groups.


Expected impact

• Once finished, the training module will be a useful tool for its flexibility for all those educators interested in training young people and the general public to plan SSE initiatives focused on social impact.

• Local groups of young people and adult public interested in SSE will benefit from this product thanks to the training that the partners will provide, either during the life of the project or after its completion, to support the creation of new local SSE initiatives.

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